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Biscom Secure File Transfer is a web-based solution that replaces insecure FTP and email to send and share files all while being easy enough for end users to operate without IT involvement.

How Biscom's Secure File Transfer can help you

  • Share large and confidential files
  • Create quick ad-hoc collaborative workspaces
  • Use as a secure email solution
  • Receive notification when your files are accessed
  • Reduce your Exchange server mailbox size by re-routing attachments through Biscom
  • Auto-clean your server with expiration and deletion schedules
  • Provide detailed reports on all server activity
  • Deploy as an on-premises server, private cloud, or sign up for our hosted SecureMail cloud service

How do people transfer files today?

  • Email 86%
  • FTP 50%
  • USB Drives 40%

4 Characteristics Your File Transfer Solution Should Have

Be Easy to Use

  • Self-service – no IT support needed
  • Integrated with Outlook
  • Native Apple and Android apps
  • Drag and drop files into Web
  • Automation tools for unattended and machine-to-machine transfers

Secure End to End

  • Data encrypted at rest (FIPS 140-2)
  • Data encrypted in transit
  • Anti-virus integration
  • Three-tier security architecture
  • Penetration tested

Integrated with Enterprise Systems

  • Microsoft Active Directory/LDAP
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • HP/Autonomy iManage
  • RESTful API available for developers and system integrators

Visibility for Administrators

  • Confirmed delivery – no more guessing
  • System activity reports
  • Compliance role
  • Audit-friendly

More Reasons to Select Biscom

Built for Enterprises
  • 3-tier architecture for scalability, flexible security
  • Directly integrated with Microsoft Active Directory and LDAP for user authentication and role assignment
  • Microsoft Outlook plug-in works with Global Address List (GAL)
  • Configurable for high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR)
Send and Share Files Without Fear
  • Biscom SFT encrypts files while at rest using FIPS 140-2 certified AES-256 bit encryption and in transit using SSL/TLS
  • Receive email notifications that confirm when recipients open and download files
  • All transactions are being logged and tracked – always know how your files are being used and who can access them
  • Update your existing process to move from complex and insecure delivery methods including email attachments, FTP, and USB drives
  • Proven 3-tier architecture separates publicly-facing servers from the actual application and data – keep your IT team happy
Simple and Seamless - Works Like You Do
  • Simple, intuitive Web-based user interface requires minimal training
  • Sending files through Microsoft Outlook looks just like composing a normal email
  • Mobile apps provide access and control from anywhere, anytime
  • Folders can be designated with automated delivery instructions – new files added are automatically delivered
Handles Your Largest Files
  • Send large files without worrying about Outlook/Exchange limits
  • FTP replacement – more user-friendly alternative to FTP
  • No limitations on size – easily supports files 100+ GB and larger
  • Built-in acceleration, dynamically calculated in real time for transfer speed optimization
  • Use for log files, video/multimedia, 3D renderings, and other inherently large files
  • Checkpoint restart – a more resilient system for unreliable networks

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